The Last Day Of July

I cannot believe its the last day of July.   It feels like yesterday was my glorious 48th birthday.  And August usually follows July.  …  before long it’ll be Christmas.   Wow.  Before August is over,  my son will be a Junior in high school.  My daughter will be a junior in college and my husband & I will be married 25 years.

I always plan to get a lot done during the summer.   Usually I get maybe 1 percent accomplished.  Its ok though. There is a lot I want to do.

Earlier this season,  my daughter and her boyfriend planted some plants for me on the deck.  I’m posting a few more pics here.  They’ve since almost dried up.  It has been so hot here.  Anyway here are a few pics.

Some tomato pics:

We didn’t ‘grow’ these but I thought they were beautiful, anyway.




Sunflowers from a local field….

Our neighbor planted pumpkins!   I can’t wait to get pictures of that!