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Art Every Day Month – 2014 Day 2

I have a lot of half-finished paintings and drawings and other things in my art room.  I don’t mean to abandon them.   If I don’t finish them quickly I’ll either get distracted or lose interest or something else will happen (like getting sick).  Then I won’t get back in there for a day or two and by the time I manage to visit my art room again I’m ready to work on something else.

Happens all the time.

So thinking about Art Every Day Month,  I wanted to look around for some new techniques to try.   New things that were not too involved.   Quick art projects that could be finished in a day or so.    With materials I already had.

Collage with printed background:







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Spinning my wheels

.. again.

I felt really ‘stuck’ yesterday!   I did stuff around the house but really wanted to do art.  But me , being me, had  no idea what I wanted to do once I got in there!   Today will be better.

On the plus side,  I got an iPhone yesterday!  Look out Instagram!




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Gelatos/Gel Sticks

New for  me:   gelatos and/or gel sticks.      I found a pack of four gelatos at Hobby Lobby for about 9 dollars and then I ordered a pack of gel sticks on Amazon for 11.  I love Amazon.  You can find anything.  Nearly anything.  On Amazon.

Here are a couple of my first attempts:

Of course,  the examples include lettering.


And one other.  This quote comes from Maya Angelou.   This ‘not driving’ thing is getting on my nerves,  so I have to remember this.  I might re-do this one,  I love this quote and it needs to be on  a cleaner background with darker lettering:



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What I did over the weekend….

I love all kinds of art.  Paintings, drawings, mixed media, watercolor, collage, art journaling.

You name it.  Except for sculpture but I’ve never tried it.

I’ve found that I really really like water soluable graphite.  There is something about trying to do shadows that intrigues me.

What I did over the weekend:





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I still like faces ….

I’m thinking of creating my own page on Facebook but I haven’t worked up the nerve.  I’m also thinking of doing some Art Abandonment (theres a group for this on Facebook) once I get a grown up phone and can take pictures of what/where I abandon. 

So many thoughts, so little time!

Here are few faces that I worked on using water soluable graphite.  






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Art Every Day Month – 2013 – Day 18

Good morning!

The other day I posted something about having discovered water soluble graphite.    I just love it.   I’ve been playing around with it for several days.   Here are a couple of examples:

The first one is a copy of a photo of a painting in a magazine.   The stringy stuff on both sides of her head is supposed to be hair.    She has on a hat.  Just saying.


The second example is the head of an angel.   I found a picture of a statue of an angel and decided to try it.  This is a work in progress.  According to my son and husband,  I need to add some more contrast in the face.  Maybe I’ll get to do that today.   The photo of the statue shows the complete angel, body and all.   Maybe I’ll try the whole thing in charcoal.  You never know.  Until that time in the distant future….


Yep the shadows on the face could stand to be darker…..


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Art Every Day Month – 2013 – Day 12

I’ve discovered water soluble graphite!




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