Art Every Day Month – AEDM – Day 23

Here are more pictures from my art journal.   The last one is blurry so I’ll apologize for that right off.    I’d like to have something different tomorrow.

Happy Shopping, Everyone!  Enjoy!  I do. not. plan. on shopping today.  Lots of people love it but i don’t think it’s for me.  The thought of it makes me so tired.  I wonder if everyone would mind getting something from Amazon this year??





Art Every Day Month – AEDM – Day 22

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Its going to be a busy, but good day!   Everything is getting an exclamation point today!  Yes!  Maybe tomorrow too!!!!

Here are more examples from my art journal!  And I still love quotes!!!!

Art Every Day Month – AEDM – Day 21

This morning,  when I was looking around the house for something to post,  I ran across an art journal that I worked on during August, Sept and October.     I remember not being satisfied with it.   I found art journaling to be aggravating because I could not make my pages look like those in the magazines.    Plus I could never just ‘go with the flow’ without a clear idea of what I wanted it to look like.

But now that I’ve ‘revisited the past’, I sort of like some of the pages that I did.   I might try this art journaling some more.  Who cares how it turns out?  Its just for me anyway.

Some examples:

Art Every Day Month – AEDM – Day 20

Ok,  so its not exactly art every day.  While I work on one thing or another almost every day,  I just haven’t posted everyday.  Like the last 3 days.

I love this quote.  I’m not sure if its an exact quote but I remember the Diane Lane character in ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ saying something like this at the end of the movie    I love that movie.

Another day,  another alphabet:

And then there is this….  not sure if I’ll finish it or not,  but its fun!   And messy.  And different.  Its done on two pieces of watercolor paper with acrylic paints.    More layers to come.


Art Every Day Month – AEDM – Day 15

Well,  November is rockin’ right along.   Trying to put something out every day has been a challenge for me.   I tend to work on stuff and if I’m not done in a day or two,  I’ll move on.   It drives me crazy that I’m like that.  I’ve been working on a painting that I’ll post a picture of tomorrow.   Its colorful,  going in my kitchen and I’m really happy about how its turning out.   And its even taken me more than two days!

More dooooodlnng: