More Gelatos!

I’m really enjoying  learning how to use gelatos!   I’m trying them out in my art journal and wondering what kind of paper I’m supposed to be using.  What paper is best to use with gelatos?

I’m going to keep watching YouTube videos and experimenting …  but in the meantime here are some more examples from my ever-present art journal! (I’m carrying that thing around and collaging and drawing and painting my heart out!).

This is my favorite so far!


My next favorite:


One of my first attempts at flowers!


More flowers!


I like this, not going to try to improve this … afraid of screwing it up.


A background using gelatos and a stamp that I carved myself.    Don’t know what to do with this one!






Art Every Day Month – AEDM – Day 23

Here are more pictures from my art journal.   The last one is blurry so I’ll apologize for that right off.    I’d like to have something different tomorrow.

Happy Shopping, Everyone!  Enjoy!  I do. not. plan. on shopping today.  Lots of people love it but i don’t think it’s for me.  The thought of it makes me so tired.  I wonder if everyone would mind getting something from Amazon this year??




The Last Day Of July

I cannot believe its the last day of July.   It feels like yesterday was my glorious 48th birthday.  And August usually follows July.  …  before long it’ll be Christmas.   Wow.  Before August is over,  my son will be a Junior in high school.  My daughter will be a junior in college and my husband & I will be married 25 years.

I always plan to get a lot done during the summer.   Usually I get maybe 1 percent accomplished.  Its ok though. There is a lot I want to do.

Earlier this season,  my daughter and her boyfriend planted some plants for me on the deck.  I’m posting a few more pics here.  They’ve since almost dried up.  It has been so hot here.  Anyway here are a few pics.

Some tomato pics:

We didn’t ‘grow’ these but I thought they were beautiful, anyway.




Sunflowers from a local field….

Our neighbor planted pumpkins!   I can’t wait to get pictures of that!

Happy Saturday

I managed to get around to changing my header photo.   Not a big deal to anyone but me but I really like the colors in this photo.  This is just one of the many potted plants my daughter and her boyfriend planted for me a few weeks ago.  I knew I wouldn’t ever get around to it and they so graciously volunteered.  Its kind of funny (not in haha way)  how the years have changed things.  I used to be able to actually go get the plants,  get the potting soil,  plant the plants, and water them in the same day.    Whoo hoo.   Not so much anymore.  But thats ok.   Acceptance is an ongoing process,   I do what I can.  There’s no use in spending a lot of time on ‘used to be’,  when I need to focus on what I can do today.

Anyway,  they did such a good job.

Here are a few more photos:  (Some of them may be blurry but I’m not going out there again. Not right now.)


AEDM Day #6

This is for day #6 !  Hurray!

Happy Sunday Evening!   Here’s to not getting “Sunday Night Insomnia”!

We visited a few artist studios today,  which was awesome.    I came away with a lot of inspiration.  I mentioned to one lady that I would like to sit and watch her paint one day.   Ahhhh….   her response was not as enthusiastic as my request.  Oh well.    I would have loved to learn her technique.

I would love to learn more.  I’ll just keep watching YouTube videos and reading magazines.    The picture above says “MORE” and then in tiny print there is the definition of the word “Time”.   I guess we all could use more time to learn more about the things that are important to us….  One day at a time.

Tomorrow is Monday… one of my favorite days of the week.

AEDM – Day 3

I was able to work on this painting for a little while this afternoon.   (Should I name her?)  I am unsure of whether I’m finished.  I think I might need to work on her dress.

So far this “Art Every Day” challenge  has been fun!   But one thing I’ve noticed is that I have to deliberately find time to work.  And that’s a good thing!

Here is what the ‘green haired lady’ looked like yesterday.  I’m proud of the progress I’ve made!





Memory Lane

A friend of mine had a job interview today.    She was applying for a job in a place where I used to work.   She sent me an email after the interview describing the interview, who she met with and how it went in general.

Of course, me being me,  I wrote back and told her things that I knew about the people she met with.     It was not that I had terrible things to say about these people (I didn’t),  but it got me to thinking about my time there and about the time I spent in subsequent workplaces.

In my mind,  everything over there is as it was when I left.  Like I left and everything has been suspended in time.  I know things change,  people change,  the work changes.   But it was like a dysfunctional, large family where everyone knew everyone (and everyone’s business).    I think for me it represents who I was at the time.  I had energy.  I was a parent with young children.  I was serious-illness free.  Even though I was an ‘adult’ when I was hired on (first job out of college),  it was the place where I did some serious growing.

I left it 12 years ago for various reasons and while I wasn’t completely satisfied over there,  the subsequent places I worked sucked.  I grew in those places as well, but in a direction that wasn’t pleasant.   I had a lot to learn about how things worked on the other side of the fence.   I thought it looked good in a “Well,  I’ll show THEM!” way,  but it turns out they showed me.

Maybe one day I’ll write about my stories from the work place.   Some of them are pretty good.

But anyway,  a few minutes ago I was on Facebook and someone posted how it was the worst day ever at work.  (I can believe it as she works for the people that laid me off.)    And that sick, sinking feeling came back to me.

Even though I’ve been laid off for 3 & 1/2 years and officially disabled for 3 of those,  I still dream about work and the people in all three places I’ve worked.   It frustrates me still.   I mean, why am I still dreaming about all of this?  I don’t spend any time thinking of it during the day.   But at night,  I have usually failed a test, never graduated college,  missed a deadline , etc etc.

So when I’m struggling with the MS,  the diabetes and whatever else is going on,   I remember that sinking feeling and I know that I would not be able to handle the work thing now.    I know that I am where I need to be,  that God in His wisdom  removed me from a situation that was detrimental to my health and now I need to face forward and try to be the person He would have me to be.