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Art Every Day Month – 2014 – Day 4

I’m starting to get really into carving stamps.   I made two this morning – one for the center of a flower and one for the petals.    I decided to try these out on cards.   Turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself!  🙂

Happy Day 4!!













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Gelatos, One More Time

I’ve still been working in my art journal.   Between phone calls.  And laundry. And other miscellaneous stuff.   I’m doing more than just gelatos but I’ve just been sharing the gelato pages the last couple of days.

This one is my fav of the day.  I’ve used markers along with gelatos.  I’m still not finished.



Other random backgrounds:












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More Gelatos!

I’m really enjoying  learning how to use gelatos!   I’m trying them out in my art journal and wondering what kind of paper I’m supposed to be using.  What paper is best to use with gelatos?

I’m going to keep watching YouTube videos and experimenting …  but in the meantime here are some more examples from my ever-present art journal! (I’m carrying that thing around and collaging and drawing and painting my heart out!).

This is my favorite so far!


My next favorite:


One of my first attempts at flowers!


More flowers!


I like this, not going to try to improve this … afraid of screwing it up.


A background using gelatos and a stamp that I carved myself.    Don’t know what to do with this one!





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Another one done.

Good morning world!

I’ve finished my ‘do your thing’ painting for my kitchen.   Its bright but I like it.

Now I have to do what’s next,  when I figure that out.   I have LOADS of ideas until I sit down to do something…. sigh.

Anyway,  here’s a photo of my latest ‘masterpiece’.   Happy Saturday!!!!!


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Just do your thing, if it makes you feel better.

I’ve decided that none of my art is going to look like what I see in magazines.   My goodness,  I’m as bad as a teenager looking at a fashion magazine, wishing I could be like those on the pages within.   Well.   I’ve decided that um,  no I’m not.   I can’t create artwork like what I see (unless I have VERY SPECIFIC instructions!) in the art magazines.

I swear everything I create/paint/draw looks like I did it.

Sigh.  I want to be cool!  I want to be creative!  I want imagination!

So the heck with that.  Life is too short to covet someone else’s talent, imagination, etc.     I’ve got my own,  its all I’ve got.  The comparison game is not for me.  I need to quit it so I can enjoy what I’m doing.

I’ve started a painting for my kitchen.    Its flowers.   I like it even if it isn’t coming out like I planned.

Some work in progress pictures:











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Thinking Spring.. or Trying To

I’m trying to think about spring today .. at the end of a very rough winter….

Thank God for new days, new seasons and new years.



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Art Every Day Month – 2013 – Day 25

Random photos of random art on a random day:   (I’ve done all of the following at some point this year.)




and of course… a flower.



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