I still like faces ….

I’m thinking of creating my own page on Facebook but I haven’t worked up the nerve.  I’m also thinking of doing some Art Abandonment (theres a group for this on Facebook) once I get a grown up phone and can take pictures of what/where I abandon. 

So many thoughts, so little time!

Here are few faces that I worked on using water soluable graphite.  







Art Every Day Month – AEDM- Day 8

At long last we’ve reached the end of the scrapbook pictures… I think these are the last two.   I have some more work to do on it.  I’d like to make the darks ‘darker’ and add some more color.

But anyway.   I went to the local craft store and bought more stuff to do more ornaments and try not to complain about it.  I hope that these go easier.


Art Every Day Month – AEDM – Day 3

Happy Saturday, World!

Day 3 of the AEDM project.   Its gonna be a great day!  Lots of laundry to do and hopefully lots of art (or maybe a little, hope a lot).   Laundry is always there but I’m gonna try to make art time today.   There is always a lot of whatever to accomplish but not always a lot of energy for me.    Some days you have to toss all the obligations and do what you want or else you will never get to do it… especially when you have limited energy reserves.

Here are a few more pages from the sketchbook:


AEDM – Day 3

I was able to work on this painting for a little while this afternoon.   (Should I name her?)  I am unsure of whether I’m finished.  I think I might need to work on her dress.

So far this “Art Every Day” challenge  has been fun!   But one thing I’ve noticed is that I have to deliberately find time to work.  And that’s a good thing!

Here is what the ‘green haired lady’ looked like yesterday.  I’m proud of the progress I’ve made!