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Art Every Day Month – 2014 Day 2

I have a lot of half-finished paintings and drawings and other things in my art room.  I don’t mean to abandon them.   If I don’t finish them quickly I’ll either get distracted or lose interest or something else will happen (like getting sick).  Then I won’t get back in there for a day or two and by the time I manage to visit my art room again I’m ready to work on something else.

Happens all the time.

So thinking about Art Every Day Month,  I wanted to look around for some new techniques to try.   New things that were not too involved.   Quick art projects that could be finished in a day or so.    With materials I already had.

Collage with printed background:







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My Art Journal catches everything

I am really enjoying using my art journal.    I used my 40% off coupon and that made it all the better.

It really catches all my attempts at art journaling.   I have watercolor pages,  collage pages, pencil pages and lettering pages.   Some turned out ok …. some not so much.

Try as I might,  its not going to look like the magazines!  There are some wonderful artists out there!   I’ve even found great artists on Facebook.

Here are a few examples from my art journal:   I’ll post a few pictures here and then use a few more later on.






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If its not one thing, its another.

Sometimes I feel like I’m spinning my wheels.  Like I just can’t get anywhere…. even if I’m not sure where that ‘anywhere’ is.  I know I want to go somewhere in life but seem to stand in one spot.

I’ve been wanting to update my blog regularly and while I’ve done it more recently,  I want to do it consistently.

Life doesn’t work that way.   I have MS.  MS limits my walking (I walk with a cane.) ,  it also limits my energy supply.  I’m fatigued a lot.  My spirit is still there and intact but my body tends to want to do its own thing.

So….   I had a ‘faint’ and then a seizure a couple of weeks ago.   Now I can’t drive for  6 months (state law).  Sigh.   This leads me to say ‘if its not one thing.  its another.  its always something.’   …  however,  I wouldn’t want to pass out at the wheel and hurt someone so no driving for me!

Here’s a few pictures of things I’ve worked on.

This is a wedding gift for a young couple:


More water soluable graphite:


A very sad looking woman,  she’s part of a drawing thats supposed to be of three ladies:





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What I did over the weekend….

I love all kinds of art.  Paintings, drawings, mixed media, watercolor, collage, art journaling.

You name it.  Except for sculpture but I’ve never tried it.

I’ve found that I really really like water soluable graphite.  There is something about trying to do shadows that intrigues me.

What I did over the weekend:





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I still like faces ….

I’m thinking of creating my own page on Facebook but I haven’t worked up the nerve.  I’m also thinking of doing some Art Abandonment (theres a group for this on Facebook) once I get a grown up phone and can take pictures of what/where I abandon. 

So many thoughts, so little time!

Here are few faces that I worked on using water soluable graphite.  






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Art Every Day Month – 2013 – Day 26

Its day 26!   This is one of my favorite pages out of my art journal.  Happy Tuesday!!


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Art Every Day Month – 2013 – Day 24

I’m trying to keep positive today but I really feel like this….


However,  since flowers make me happy .. here are a few closeups of a painting/collage of… flowers!

(I’m working on a new Christmas painting…I’ll share soon.)





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