Oh boy… every time I think “I’m going to put effort into my blog”.. I’ll forget or not have anything to say or time will get away from me.   So I give up.   I think I’ll just have to blog when I have a chance and work on getting more organized.

Anyway,  our cat Tiger sends her greetings…..


She loves to sit on the back of our couch in the sun, in the mornings and watch out the window.   She pretends she’s the boss of us,  which she is….

Also,  Sandy (aka. monkey)  hangs out with us.   She enjoys watching TV and jumping on people.   She teaches acting classes where she demonstrates how to pretend to need to go outside when she really doesn’t need to. These pictures look like she’s been caught with her paw in the cookie jar.


“It wasn’t me.”


“I didn’t see anything.”

And finally… “where is my MOTHER…?”




The ‘Evolution’ of a Pet Portrait

I had no idea how to title this post.  I thought about “The Process of A Doggie Portrait” or  “The Progress of a Doggie Portrait”.  I finally settled on “The ‘Evolution’ Of A Pet Portrait”.   No matter which way I worded it,  it sounded all overblown and like I was trying to make it a big deal.  

But recently,  I was asked to do a portrait of a dog for someone for Christmas.  And I thought I would take pictures along the way.  I forgot to take a snapshot the last time I did a dog picture.  

This portrait was created using chalk pastels and was done on brown paper even though some of these pictures don’t reflect that.  

His name is “Patches”.

And this is the complete version.   I tried to get a picture each time I worked on it. 

Sleepless in the South

Let it be known right here and now,  that I will not be taking anymore steroid shots.  It is 1 in the morning and I have been awake for 20 hours and I have to get up again in 5.   So pardon me if this post is foul.

This morning at 5,  I woke up with the worst possible headache.  I could barely get my eyes open.   So this happening, on top of my cold,  sent me and my husband up to urgent care at 6.   Where I received a bunch of medicine including the super-fabulous steroid shot.  And all afternoon I’ve been sweating and now I can’t sleep.

Which I should have told the doctor that I would do this but I forgot since it has been so long since i’ve had steroids.   I have had steroid infusions because of my MS in the past and I would do this and each time I would swear up and down that I’d never do steroids again if I could help it.    Sigh.

Oh well,  I got through it those other times  and I’ll get through it now.   The ironic thing is that the steroid shot helped with the nasal swelling and stuff.   Double Sigh.

I know I’m being a big baby.

Thank you for listening, world.   I feel better now.

Some good things that happened.

My husband took excellent care of me today.   Fixed me soup.  Took our son to school.  Took me to doc.   Put gas in my car.  Got my prescriptions filled.  Washed clothes.  Went to get our son.  Then went to work out.   Now that is wonderful.

My inlaws brought me a miniature rose bush on Sunday to make me feel better since I had a cold.

Our family has gotten into the habit of sharing funny videos that we find on YouTube with each other.

This one is cute,  its a video about a rescue dog that is happy,  not depressing.