More Gelatos!

I’m really enjoying  learning how to use gelatos!   I’m trying them out in my art journal and wondering what kind of paper I’m supposed to be using.  What paper is best to use with gelatos?

I’m going to keep watching YouTube videos and experimenting …  but in the meantime here are some more examples from my ever-present art journal! (I’m carrying that thing around and collaging and drawing and painting my heart out!).

This is my favorite so far!


My next favorite:


One of my first attempts at flowers!


More flowers!


I like this, not going to try to improve this … afraid of screwing it up.


A background using gelatos and a stamp that I carved myself.    Don’t know what to do with this one!






Books & Art

I’ve been meaning to post out here for a long time now.   Things have been so busy since the end of November that I don’t know where to start.   One of the things I’d like to do this spring is clean up and clean out and make room for new projects and new art. (I’d also like to post out here more).   In order to make space,  I’m clearing out books that I no longer use regularly because of changing interests.

Please visit me on eBay!  Do an ‘advanced search’ on my seller name:  anothergoodday14 and take a look at my shop!  If you are in the market for art books,  this is a great place to search.    I’ll be updating the shop regularly,  so please check often!

Here’s a link to my shop!

I have a few small pieces for sale as well!





and a reminder to myself:



Long time, no write

I haven’t tried to write anything on here since Valentine’s Day when I wrote out this long description of long-ago Valentines day.   Then,  through a combination of fumble fingers and who knows what else,  I deleted the whole blasted thing.

And from the looks of things,  it appears that I’m fixing to do it again.

Anyway,  I mentioned earlier that my church is having a Bible study on the book of James.  Oh its a good one.   I’ve always stayed away from James because it talked about watching what you say.   Sigh.  I’ve always had a problem with that.  Either I don’t say enough.   Don’t say the right thing.   Don’t give someone a straight answer.  Or I have been known to use foul language occasionally.

But James is getting to be more than that.

I’d like to quote something Beth Moore put in her study (she is talking about how James uses Rahab as an example of someone that changes. She was once a prostitute):

“James’ specific focus on what Rahab had done moves me deeply.   Do you realize how much of her adult life had been characterized by what she had done?…. God can change what people do.  He can change behavioral patterns that have been in play for decades.   He can change what we do to cope, to find comfort, to survive conflict, to count.  Like me,   Rahab had done the same old thing for years….. and then she did something new.   She believed God and acted on it.”

I have been stuck in patterns of behavior that have needed to be changed for a long time.    This reminds me that there is hope.  But it looks like I’m going to have to act on it.

Books – The Book of James

My husband just pointed out to me that my ‘tagline’ (is that what that is ??? –  you know, the thing that indicates I would be blogging about family, art, books, MS, etc.?)  mentioned books and I’ve never really written anything about books except at first when I blogged about The Happiness Project. And how much I loved that book and how much sense Gretchen Rubin made.

And I love to read.

But I’m not reading right now, I’m studying.   Our church is conducting a Bible study of the book of James.   Its called “James Mercy Triumphs”,  written by Beth Moore.   I love it so far.  We are into week two and its made a difference to me.    The first chapter in James talks about wisdom and how those who have faith will receive it.   I never knew that before.  I always thought wisdom belonged to someone else and wasn’t possible for me to have.   But I have to have faith.

Oh Well

They say to write what you know.   Well,  I never did get back around to writing anything about the books I’m reading.  I know what I read,  but could not, for the life of me,  write anything about it.   That and I didn’t have time to think about writing.   Those are a few reasons.   Another one was that I’m nervous about writing anything.   Actually afraid someone would read it!!

One of the books I’ve read so far this summer is ‘The Happiness Project’ by  Gretchen Rubin.  Its about a woman who takes a year and makes changes in her life, one change or category per month, to improve her level of happiness.   Excellent book.  I want to re-read it because there were a lot of points that applied to me and that I could use to improve my happiness level.    She works on improving her eating habits,  her fitness and relationships.    She reminds herself to be herself and do things for others out of a place of love.   She takes time to ‘smell the roses’ with her children because she recognizes that the ‘days are long but the years are short’.   Oh, she is so right about that!!

More on that book later.

Currently reading:  ‘Summer Rental’ by Mary Kay Andrews.

I would like to post some of my art here as well.  Need to learn how to post pictures.  So much to learn.  Thank goodness.


Hello world!


I’ve never ‘blogged’ before.   I’ve been reading about blogging on and off for a few weeks and I’ve been thinking about it longer than that.

My big dilemma has been deciding on what to blog about.   Apparently,  I’m supposed to choose a topic rather than willy-nilly blog about anything that comes to my mind.   I’ve had a friend suggest that I blog about my family and all the stuff its going through right now.  I don’t know because I don’t want to blog about negative things.   I’ve also thought about blogging about my artwork.  I might do that but I’m not sure I’m ready.   I’m interested in far too many things to only choose one thing to blog about.

Today,  I’ve been thinking about all the unread books around my house.  I love to buy books.  One of my favorite things is going to the bookstores and I can’t resist using a Barnes and Noble coupon.   Sometimes, though,  I won’t buy anything because  I’ve got so many books to read at home.

So what I’d like to do this summer is read what I have on hand.  And blog about it.  Oh geez,  I hope this won’t be my only post!

If I don’t forget,  I’ll write about what I’m currently reading tomorrow.