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Art Every Day Month – 2014 – Day 6

I missed it yesterday!!!


For today,  I just finished this… I found the instructions on Pinterest.  It said to use old watercolor paintings but I used bits and pieces of what I had….  Not sure I’m done with this one…  It might make a reappearance later.









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Art Every Day Month – 2014 – Day 4

I’m starting to get really into carving stamps.   I made two this morning – one for the center of a flower and one for the petals.    I decided to try these out on cards.   Turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself!  🙂

Happy Day 4!!












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Art Every Day Month – 2014 – Day 3



I had no time/energy to work on anything today so I thought I would share this painting I did last month for Day 3!!

Reminds me of a quote:  “Be yourself.  Just be yourself about your art and everything else.”

Fly your flag…  BE YOURSELF.








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Art Every Day Month – 2014 Day 2

I have a lot of half-finished paintings and drawings and other things in my art room.  I don’t mean to abandon them.   If I don’t finish them quickly I’ll either get distracted or lose interest or something else will happen (like getting sick).  Then I won’t get back in there for a day or two and by the time I manage to visit my art room again I’m ready to work on something else.

Happens all the time.

So thinking about Art Every Day Month,  I wanted to look around for some new techniques to try.   New things that were not too involved.   Quick art projects that could be finished in a day or so.    With materials I already had.

Collage with printed background:






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Art Every Day Month – 2014 – Day 1

Happy ‘Art Every Day Month’ 2014!!!!

I’ve participated for a few years now.  Last year, I think  I made it all month.  I think.

I don’t feel like this is something that I HAVE to do but something that I want to do.  So no guilt if I miss a day.  I can just pick it up the next day and go forward.   The whole purpose for me is to get into the habit of creativity and grow as a result of my efforts.

What an awesome idea this project is… plus I get to see all this awesome artwork by others who participate!

I’m sorta into printmaking  over the last few days:

I carved a quarter repeat stamp (learning a lot from books… and Pinterest.. and Google)














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Journal Entry : “Change”

Another journal page:

Collage and lettering.   Still working in my journal.  Still love it!   Have a great day!  (wish I was wordier today)


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Sometimes it pays…

to hang on to some stuff,  even when you don’t know why.

The other day,  I was hanging out in my art room and came across something that I’m sure is at least 6 years old.   I knew I wasn’t crazy about it when I made it but for some reason,  I had kept it.  I had made this collage around the time I was ‘laid off’ from my job and I remember trying to choose papers and wording that meant something to me.  Anyway, I made this collage and………. didn’t like it.

So I thought at the time “I wonder what would happen if…”.    I dug out some acrylic paint and painted hearts, and then painted the negative space around the hearts…  THEN I outlined the hearts in white paint and added the green dots with my fingers.

Then left it alone until last week  when I found a piece of white matting and a frame…

and voila!

Turns out that I like it… not exactly museum worthy but hey…

Have a great day!








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