March 6th – Just another day.

I have been laid off for four years today.   Its funny how there’s an anniversary for everything for me.   Of course,  there’s my birthday,   my wedding anniversary,  the dates of births of my kids,  the day I found out about the MS….  you name it.   Then there’s when I lost my job.

I think (but don’t remember and am too lazy to go look) I’ve written about it before.   At any rate.  I’ve learned a lot since then and have had the opportunity to reflect on all that.  I guess its alright to remember big days – the ones that change everything.  Even if they are not worthy of a celebration – wait, maybe this one is…..  haha.

But moving right along…..   Its been a few months since I’ve worked on this,  this was fun but was a little time consuming.



March 4th – Winning the Lottery

No worries for me,  I didn’t.

But I did spend a productive afternoon watching “How The Lottery Changed My Life”.    When this kind of stuff comes on TV,   I can’t help but wonder what I’d do with all that money.   I know that I’d do the standard ‘help family’ and ‘set up the kids’.   I used to say I’d want to travel and I guess I could/would.   But with the MS,  its like the travel would be a pain in the backside.  The walking issues would be the biggest pain.   But heck,  I would have all this money,  it seems like I could take my time.

When I ask my husband,   he says he would take me and the kids and leave no forwarding address!!

I know this is a lame post but  I skipped yesterday  and I took some pictures of some of my more recent artwork and they all are too dark… so… I’ll retake the pictures tomorrow and maybe have a more creative post.


March 2nd – More shades of grey

I am tired today.    I don’t feel like I’ve done much at all but I guess, with MS,  I should expect the fatigue.  Its funny (not in a haha way) that everyday is different.   Sometimes I have a little bit of energy and I don’t feel as scattered,   those days are good.

I’ve ridden my stationery (I never know which spelling to use) bike four days in a row.   So there’s that.   And I had a salad for lunch.  So thats good too.   Oh mercy, I hate to admit it again,  but my husband is right about me taking better care of myself.  I still expect that my body should respond to all the daily stresses the way it used to .   Ahhh not so much.  I shouldn’t be surprised that days like this come around,  when I haven’t been consistent in my rest.

Here’s more of my “Shades Of Grey” journal.   I’m ashamed to say that other than a bunch of doodle/scribble pages,  I haven’t done much more in the journal than what I’m showing here.


March 1st

True to his word, our famiy  went out for pancakes last night.   So good!   I’m glad we did  last night because it was rainy weather and just right for pancakes.  Today its 80 degrees and no one is in the mood for pancakes.   Actually,  I’m always in the mood for them but my family not so much.

Recently,  I signed up for an online class called “Shades Of Grey” by Pam Carriker.  Its all about the shading using Pitt artist pens. I used a Moleskine journal to practice.   Below are some of the pages from my journal.   Maybe its the MS but I found myself staring off into space during the video portions of the class.     Not to worry,  I used to do that during meetings when I was in the workforce, so it is definitely not the content of the class.   Maybe its something with me and video/audio instruction.   I really have to concentrate to take in what the instructor is saying.     But I notice I don’t have trouble watching TV!     I think I do better with written instructions and photos.  But that’s just me.



And my personal favorite……..