The Sketchbook Project 2014 ~ favorite lyrics ~ part one

Every year I try to do two things art-wise:  (1)  Creative Every Day Month in November and (2)  The Sketchbook Project.   I always look forward to doing both.   This year, however, had a tough beginning in that my dad was in the end stages of Parkinson’s Disease and passed away in February.  There was a lot going on in December and January,   but I really wanted to do the Sketchbook  this year.  I always like to pick out lyrics in songs that are meaningful to me and wonder what the songwriter was thinking/feeling when he or she wrote the words.   Perhaps the lyrics don’t mean anything at all,   I don’t know.   They meant something to me at the time.

I’ve forgotten exactly how many pages there are in the sketchbook but here are the first few.  I’ll post the rest tomorrow.

Ok,  so I cut out a page that was really bad.   I mean bad.  The lyrics were fine.  The art… not so much!   haha





















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