Art Every Day Month – 2013 – Day 9

Happy Saturday!

No flowers today,  just some houses.  One new, three old.  Today I hope to spend some more time creating stuff… painting, drawing, crocheting…. etc.  Its been a long week .  Today has the potential to be a great art day.

What are your plans today?

This was completed this morning:




These were completed during the last few years:










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4 responses to “Art Every Day Month – 2013 – Day 9

  1. I love house paintings, these are so fun filled with your artful expression.

  2. Karla Bardanza

    Your art reminded me of some Brazilian artists.Beautiful. Happy AEDM and greetings from Brazil.

  3. oh, what lovely illustrations and paintings! Beautiful work. Have a wonderful weekend! xox

  4. Great art day indeed! Love them all … I especially like the color and mood of the last one.

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