Art Every Day Month – 2013 – Day 5

Today I have examples of some lettering I’ve done in the past.   I went through a whole couple of months where that was the only type of artwork that I’d work on.   I still like to do it but I wanna do other stuff now too.   i get all worked up on something and then work really hard on it then get burned out.  Then it’s on to the next thing!!!

Thanks for visitingi!



And this one is a quote I found to be true for me:






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7 responses to “Art Every Day Month – 2013 – Day 5

  1. wonderful alphabet and quote. happy AEDM!

  2. I have never played much with lettering, so I love seeing what happens when artists like you really do a grand job with it. So crisp yet so gentle, also. And the quote, I might add, is right on. Its sort of how I am living my Art Every Day Month this time around. Big hugs!

  3. Looking through other AEDM participants work. Great lettering … I can totally see that framed and hung on a wall.

  4. Even if it’s lettering, it’s still fun lettering. Such fun colors you chose too. And yes, love the quote. Have a great week! xox

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