Art Every Day Month – 2013 – Day 4

Good Morning!

I’ve finally finished my watercolor flowers.  Below are two examples.  I really enjoyed working on these.   But I can’t do a whole month of watercolor flowers…. could I?   I guess I could but who wants to see the same thing every day?   Well,  I never know what I might be in the mood to do next.   So I might post 27 more days of flowers.   Maybe.

I hope nobody asks me to make any decisions today! 


This is the bigger version of my banner photo:





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8 responses to “Art Every Day Month – 2013 – Day 4

  1. Hello! This is lovely! I like the white around your images and your colors are very uplifting! I’m part of AEDM too!

  2. I like your watercolor flowers very much! Bring them on! 😉 Happy AEDM!

  3. They’re really pretty I like the colours you have used. Water colours and I don’t get on other than Derwent inktense pencils – they like me 🙂

  4. These are so pretty. I’d gladly see a whole bouquet of these flowers throughout the dull days of November!

  5. Sue

    very nice. you could paint flowers every day and I would LOVE it. your flowers are so pretty!

  6. These are beautiful! I wonder how many different ways you could paint flowers for a month.

  7. If you are in to flowers…so be it! I go through “tree” phases and you just have to put up with it neil I scurry out the other side of that phase….=) They are lovely!

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