Art Every Day Month – AEDM – Day 27

I have been creative the last few days however I don’t have pictures to show for it!   I’ve also been busy with all the family/Thanksgiving stuff.  I’ve been crocheting some Christmas gifts,  so there’s that.  I’m afraid the Art Every Day Month might die off with a whimper rather than a bang!

So, to sort of kick off the Christmas season,  I wanted to share that I ran into someone special last week when I was doing my Thanksgiving shopping.    I’m on the soup aisle,  pushing my cart past the chicken noodle …. and there he was!!

Santa!!! I know him!!! And here’s proof!

Of course,  you would have thought that this man would have been the crankiest on the planet but he and his wife were so sweet.   I know it must have taken them about 2 hours to get through the store.    While I was busy acting like I was seven,  he reached into his pocket and gave me his card.     Now I had proof!   That I met the real deal!!



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