Art Every Day Month – AEDM – Day 5

I decided to take a break this morning from sharing sketchbook pictures and share what else I’ve been working on.

Well,  I’ve spent the last two days in Christmas ornament you-know-where.    Saturday,  I decided to start something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.   I had found a tutorial for making patchwork stocking ornaments and thought “Hey this will be great!!  I’ve got all the ‘ingredients’.   I can make some gifts with what I’ve got!!”

The tutorial is from   Its a great tutorial.  I really like their website.  Its just my version didn’t quite turn out like theirs.   I don’t think I’ve got quite enough sewing experience yet.

I started with a pile of scraps.

I then cut pieces from the scraps,  measuring at least 7 inches long.   I sewed 3 or 4 pieces together.   Ironed all the seams in the same direction, ironed on fusible interfacing,  then using their pattern, cut out both sides of the stocking:

The instructions called for some batting,  I had some so I cut out little stockings following the pattern.

Then I was supposed to use some ribbon or yarn to create a loop.   I used some yarn I had.  And so,   I put both sides of the stocking together with a batting in the middle.  I pinned all that (including the yarn) together.  And then the ‘fun’ started.

As hard as I tried,  I could not ‘make the turn’ in the toe of the stocking with the sewing machine.  I tried and tried,  I kept zooming past the end of the toe!!  It’s funny now.   Not so much then.  I was so aggravated cause I had spend all that time sewing the strips together,  ironing and cutting….

I swear I’m going to finish this.   So instead of machine stitching  around the edges of the stocking ,  I decided to hand stitch them together.   It’s labor intensive but worth it cause I don’t want to give away stockings with stitching that zooms off the end!!  haha.

The hand stitching…



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