Folk Art

I cannot believe its June 18th already.    Oh boy,  this month is passing too fast.

Last week,  my husband and I went on a mission trip with the youth group from our church.   What an experience.   I had spent a lot of time dreading this trip.   Yes,  I did.    I’m glad I went though.  A lot of my worries were unfounded (afraid of too much fatigue!!!!) and some of my worries came true (fourth floor, anyone?,  11 women, one bath? LOL – not really).    So I don’t know about going back..  I’ll just have to see what next year brings.

One thing I need not have worried about were the people we went with.  They were absolutely awesome.

The purpose of the trip was to provide opportunities for the youth to serve others.  One place we went was to an elderly lady’s house to build front steps and then a deck with a ramp out back.  There was also a single-wide trail demolition involved.   I didn’t get too involved in anything and wound up sitting in a chair under a tree.   Worked for me.  But it made for a long day.

I did get some good pictures though.   A few of the pictures are below.  I referred to these guys  (to myself) as ‘folk art’.  Apparently,  the lady that lives there once liked pigs.

I liked this “pig planter”.
I found this guy in a tree.

And then there’s my favorite……   I liked him so much I took three pictures.