Happy Saturday

I managed to get around to changing my header photo.   Not a big deal to anyone but me but I really like the colors in this photo.  This is just one of the many potted plants my daughter and her boyfriend planted for me a few weeks ago.  I knew I wouldn’t ever get around to it and they so graciously volunteered.  Its kind of funny (not in haha way)  how the years have changed things.  I used to be able to actually go get the plants,  get the potting soil,  plant the plants, and water them in the same day.    Whoo hoo.   Not so much anymore.  But thats ok.   Acceptance is an ongoing process,   I do what I can.  There’s no use in spending a lot of time on ‘used to be’,  when I need to focus on what I can do today.

Anyway,  they did such a good job.

Here are a few more photos:  (Some of them may be blurry but I’m not going out there again. Not right now.)



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