Tote Bag

My sister found some cool place mats recently.   She made a tote bag out of hers and of course that inspired me to make a tote bag out of mine.    I am enjoying learning how to sew.   Somehow I would rather learn how to make something from a book than listen to verbal instruction with nothing written.   Some people can listen to verbal instructions and they’ve got it.   I’ve got to have it written down to refer back to.  I’ve had my husband say “No!  Don’t write this.. just listen.”  Well, it doesn’t work that way for me.  It used to, but now not so much.  My MS won’t allow me to keep it in my brain.  If I’m worrying about something.. sure I can remember that.   I can remember our phone number from when I was 6 years old.    But if I’m learning something now, I gotta write that stuff down.

Anyway,  here’s some (not so hot ) pics of  my very own tote bag.  It wasn’t that wrinkley but its been sitting in a kitchen chair for about two weeks.














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