Sew Frustrated

Well,  we went to our last sewing class last night.   It was good except that I didn’t finish my apron.   I have been sick this week (It must be an MS flare up or something) and I was still getting over it last night.   I was sewing along and the fabric and thread got all jumbled up where the bobbin thread comes out.   I couldn’t get it to go forward or backward, and sideways was out of the question.   To continue my whining:   The classroom was HOT.   Everybody else seemed fine,  but it couldn’t be just me,  right?   I was sweating in a major way as I sat there with my hands over my face.

I decided to finish it at home..

Here’s what it looks like right now.  There’s not much to see.  But I do love the fabric.

So,  today I wanted to sew some more and made these.   They are ginormous change purses.    But I think I can use them for other stuff…..


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