Adventures In Sewing

My sister and I are going to a beginner sewing class.   And I’m learning so much.    Its a three part class and the last class is tonight.  I’ve been sick,  I hope I can make it tonight or I’m gonna be mad (I could use a crude word here, but I won’t).  We have been working on sewing an apron.   I’ll post pictures of that after class is over.

But I think my sister has created a monster.  It was her suggestion that we take the class and I’m glad she did but I’m spending time looking up EASY stuff to create on the internet and using up all the fabric I’ve been buying out of the scrap bin at the craft store.

Months ago,  I found an ‘easy’ pattern/tutorial for a small lined tote bag and got out the scrap pile.   There’s a reason why I have the word easy in quotes.  I don’t know who decided it was easy.   Maybe it was easy for someone who could do complicated things.   But not easy for a real beginner.

At any rate,  after 2 whole lessons,  I got out my scrap fabric and gave it a whirl.

Here are the results of my three attempts:

Attempt #1…. I managed to sew the handles inside the lining of the bag.

Attempt #2 … I attached the handles on the wrong side of the lining fabric.  Oh yeah….

This is the fabric I was going to use for the outer part of the tote…..


Attempt #3…. I got the whole thing put together… Yay!   But I think the handles are too long.   And its floppy because I didn’t use the fusible interfacing the pattern called for.

But you live and learn.  I’m thinking I’ll take Attempts #1 & 2 apart and shorten the handles and make sure I re-sew them on the right side of the fabric.


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