Oh boy… every time I think “I’m going to put effort into my blog”.. I’ll forget or not have anything to say or time will get away from me.   So I give up.   I think I’ll just have to blog when I have a chance and work on getting more organized.

Anyway,  our cat Tiger sends her greetings…..


She loves to sit on the back of our couch in the sun, in the mornings and watch out the window.   She pretends she’s the boss of us,  which she is….

Also,  Sandy (aka. monkey)  hangs out with us.   She enjoys watching TV and jumping on people.   She teaches acting classes where she demonstrates how to pretend to need to go outside when she really doesn’t need to. These pictures look like she’s been caught with her paw in the cookie jar.


“It wasn’t me.”


“I didn’t see anything.”

And finally… “where is my MOTHER…?”




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