Random crochet project.

In between sewing projects,  I’ve been working on using up all my yarn stash in my closet.    I’ve just completed the baby/child’s afghan below.    I didn’t have anyone in mind when I started it but it turns out that an acquaintance is using these colors for her nursery.  Yay!

I’m kinda proud of how this one turned out.


Wisdom from the craft store

Every once in a while I’ll meet someone that becomes an unexpected source of wisdom for me.

I have been going to a certain craft store for years and for most of that time she has been my cashier.    Of course we always exchanged the usual “How are you doing today?” ‘ s.   Every so often we’d talk a little more.  For example,   she shared with me that she has a new grandson.   She is so proud of her family.   One time,  she shared that she had been able to pay down a bunch of debt.   She wasn’t bragging,  she was just sayin’.

One day,  several months ago,  I stopped by to kill some time before meeting my husband for lunch.   And as usual,  I was limping along.    She and I had never talked about my MS or anything.   She wasn’t behind the counter that day and noticed my limping.    She called out to me to see how I was and asked about my leg.

Her name is Pamila and as I was explaining to her, she really listened.

I appreciated that but it was what she said to me that made a difference.   As we talked,  it became apparent that she is a Christian.   A strong Christian.

While we were talking, she asked me if I had given God my leg.  Now that is something I hadn’t considered before.  I’m a Christian but I had never thought to give my leg to God.    She wasn’t suggesting that I get a tattoo that said “God, this leg is yours!” or anything weird.    She was asking me if I had given my situation and my leg over to God for His use and for His Glory.

OK.   Its been hard to get those words out of my head.

I know that God can use any circumstance we find ourselves in for His purposes  But my leg?   This leg is a burden.  My MS has put me in a place where I don’t want to be.    I thought my life would be different than it is.   I have no idea exactly what my plans were but they weren’t this.   But this was in God’s plan.

An opportunity has come up for me and my husband to go on a mission trip with the youth group from our church.    I have been ‘on the fence’ about it since it came up.   It will involve a long bus ride and the kids will be doing some light construction.    There also might be an opportunity to work with Vacation Bible School.   I just don’t know how much use I will be to anyone.   I’m afraid I’ll get up there and have a flare – up like I did this past week.   That would be no fun.  I think its the fear of the unknown that makes me crazy and makes me want to stay home.

Well….  I had to go see what Pamila had to say.     She and I talked for a while (well,  not that long .. after all she was at work.)    She encouraged me to pray about the trip,  to pray over my leg and my MS.

She also mentioned that we “walk by faith, not by sight”.    I don’t know how it will be up there (its at the beach, so that’s cool) but I know that God will take care of me and my husband.    I just have to give my leg to Him.






Sew Frustrated

Well,  we went to our last sewing class last night.   It was good except that I didn’t finish my apron.   I have been sick this week (It must be an MS flare up or something) and I was still getting over it last night.   I was sewing along and the fabric and thread got all jumbled up where the bobbin thread comes out.   I couldn’t get it to go forward or backward, and sideways was out of the question.   To continue my whining:   The classroom was HOT.   Everybody else seemed fine,  but it couldn’t be just me,  right?   I was sweating in a major way as I sat there with my hands over my face.

I decided to finish it at home..

Here’s what it looks like right now.  There’s not much to see.  But I do love the fabric.

So,  today I wanted to sew some more and made these.   They are ginormous change purses.    But I think I can use them for other stuff…..

Adventures In Sewing

My sister and I are going to a beginner sewing class.   And I’m learning so much.    Its a three part class and the last class is tonight.  I’ve been sick,  I hope I can make it tonight or I’m gonna be mad (I could use a crude word here, but I won’t).  We have been working on sewing an apron.   I’ll post pictures of that after class is over.

But I think my sister has created a monster.  It was her suggestion that we take the class and I’m glad she did but I’m spending time looking up EASY stuff to create on the internet and using up all the fabric I’ve been buying out of the scrap bin at the craft store.

Months ago,  I found an ‘easy’ pattern/tutorial for a small lined tote bag and got out the scrap pile.   There’s a reason why I have the word easy in quotes.  I don’t know who decided it was easy.   Maybe it was easy for someone who could do complicated things.   But not easy for a real beginner.

At any rate,  after 2 whole lessons,  I got out my scrap fabric and gave it a whirl.

Here are the results of my three attempts:

Attempt #1…. I managed to sew the handles inside the lining of the bag.

Attempt #2 … I attached the handles on the wrong side of the lining fabric.  Oh yeah….

This is the fabric I was going to use for the outer part of the tote…..


Attempt #3…. I got the whole thing put together… Yay!   But I think the handles are too long.   And its floppy because I didn’t use the fusible interfacing the pattern called for.

But you live and learn.  I’m thinking I’ll take Attempts #1 & 2 apart and shorten the handles and make sure I re-sew them on the right side of the fabric.


Oh boy… every time I think “I’m going to put effort into my blog”.. I’ll forget or not have anything to say or time will get away from me.   So I give up.   I think I’ll just have to blog when I have a chance and work on getting more organized.

Anyway,  our cat Tiger sends her greetings…..


She loves to sit on the back of our couch in the sun, in the mornings and watch out the window.   She pretends she’s the boss of us,  which she is….

Also,  Sandy (aka. monkey)  hangs out with us.   She enjoys watching TV and jumping on people.   She teaches acting classes where she demonstrates how to pretend to need to go outside when she really doesn’t need to. These pictures look like she’s been caught with her paw in the cookie jar.


“It wasn’t me.”


“I didn’t see anything.”

And finally… “where is my MOTHER…?”