March 4th – Winning the Lottery

No worries for me,  I didn’t.

But I did spend a productive afternoon watching “How The Lottery Changed My Life”.    When this kind of stuff comes on TV,   I can’t help but wonder what I’d do with all that money.   I know that I’d do the standard ‘help family’ and ‘set up the kids’.   I used to say I’d want to travel and I guess I could/would.   But with the MS,  its like the travel would be a pain in the backside.  The walking issues would be the biggest pain.   But heck,  I would have all this money,  it seems like I could take my time.

When I ask my husband,   he says he would take me and the kids and leave no forwarding address!!

I know this is a lame post but  I skipped yesterday  and I took some pictures of some of my more recent artwork and they all are too dark… so… I’ll retake the pictures tomorrow and maybe have a more creative post.



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