March 2nd – More shades of grey

I am tired today.    I don’t feel like I’ve done much at all but I guess, with MS,  I should expect the fatigue.  Its funny (not in a haha way) that everyday is different.   Sometimes I have a little bit of energy and I don’t feel as scattered,   those days are good.

I’ve ridden my stationery (I never know which spelling to use) bike four days in a row.   So there’s that.   And I had a salad for lunch.  So thats good too.   Oh mercy, I hate to admit it again,  but my husband is right about me taking better care of myself.  I still expect that my body should respond to all the daily stresses the way it used to .   Ahhh not so much.  I shouldn’t be surprised that days like this come around,  when I haven’t been consistent in my rest.

Here’s more of my “Shades Of Grey” journal.   I’m ashamed to say that other than a bunch of doodle/scribble pages,  I haven’t done much more in the journal than what I’m showing here.



One Comment

  1. On the days that I over plan, I set myself up for disappointment by aiming way to high in terms of getting things done, I feel not only exhausted but discouraged if I am unable to achieve it all. I have learned to not be so hard on myself, do what I can and when I incidentally get more done, I feel like a rock star!!

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