Little Stuff

I promised myself I was gonna try to blog everyday between now and the end of March.  Even if it is about the little stuff.

1) Today is leap day.   Hurray!  I guess.    I missed National Pancake Day yesterday and I’m not over it yet.   Lucky for me my husband is willing to take me out for pancakes this evening.   Even if what I need is a chicken salad.  But I had one of those for lunch,  so I guess it evens out.

2) I signed up on Art House Co-op for a free project.    I like free.   It is an art swap, so the artist is supposed to create something just 4X6 and mail it in with a stamped return envelope and they will mail you back something someone else created.   Sounds good.   We’ll see what I’ll do and see…. what I get.

3)  High School Reunion News:   I received yet another email asking for a yes/no on attendance in June.   I was proud of myself for giving a straight answer,  which was NO.   I got a reply hoping I’d change my mind.   I don’t think so.

4)  I’m also proud of myself for riding our stationary bike.   15 minutes today!  Whoo!  Hoo!  Doesn’t sound like a lot does it?   But it was a big deal to me.   I’m going to keep at it.  Maybe the more I ride,  the better I’ll walk.

5)  I’ll also state for the record that I cleaned out our kitchen cabinet today and threw a bunch of expired food away.   And I discovered we have 13 cans of soup,  6 instant lunches and 5 packs of ramen noodles.   I’m so proud.

6)  I might get wild tomorrow and attack the kitchen counters.

I love the first day of the month.


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