Long time, no write

I haven’t tried to write anything on here since Valentine’s Day when I wrote out this long description of long-ago Valentines day.   Then,  through a combination of fumble fingers and who knows what else,  I deleted the whole blasted thing.

And from the looks of things,  it appears that I’m fixing to do it again.

Anyway,  I mentioned earlier that my church is having a Bible study on the book of James.  Oh its a good one.   I’ve always stayed away from James because it talked about watching what you say.   Sigh.  I’ve always had a problem with that.  Either I don’t say enough.   Don’t say the right thing.   Don’t give someone a straight answer.  Or I have been known to use foul language occasionally.

But James is getting to be more than that.

I’d like to quote something Beth Moore put in her study (she is talking about how James uses Rahab as an example of someone that changes. She was once a prostitute):

“James’ specific focus on what Rahab had done moves me deeply.   Do you realize how much of her adult life had been characterized by what she had done?…. God can change what people do.  He can change behavioral patterns that have been in play for decades.   He can change what we do to cope, to find comfort, to survive conflict, to count.  Like me,   Rahab had done the same old thing for years….. and then she did something new.   She believed God and acted on it.”

I have been stuck in patterns of behavior that have needed to be changed for a long time.    This reminds me that there is hope.  But it looks like I’m going to have to act on it.


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