Books – The Book of James

My husband just pointed out to me that my ‘tagline’ (is that what that is ??? –  you know, the thing that indicates I would be blogging about family, art, books, MS, etc.?)  mentioned books and I’ve never really written anything about books except at first when I blogged about The Happiness Project. And how much I loved that book and how much sense Gretchen Rubin made.

And I love to read.

But I’m not reading right now, I’m studying.   Our church is conducting a Bible study of the book of James.   Its called “James Mercy Triumphs”,  written by Beth Moore.   I love it so far.  We are into week two and its made a difference to me.    The first chapter in James talks about wisdom and how those who have faith will receive it.   I never knew that before.  I always thought wisdom belonged to someone else and wasn’t possible for me to have.   But I have to have faith.


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