Its Sunday!

I should be going to church this morning but I haven’t slept too well in about 3 days so… that means it’ll be naptime during the sermon.   Only one thing is worse than being sleepy in church and that is being sleepy during a meeting at work.  Heck,  I’m sleepy writing this post.  Complete with the head nodding, dragging feeling.

I decided that I wouldn’t go anywhere yesterday.  I thought I would stay at home,  do a few chores then do some artwork.   I would up staying home but I didn’t get anything done.   However last night,  my husband and I hung out in our office.   I started a collage and he worked on the computer.  But that was it.

I felt so out of it.  I felt like I was in one of those commercials where people are zooming by and the person just stands there.   Everyone was busy doing their own thing and I was busy waiting on them to get to whereever it was they were going and THEN I would do what I wanted to do.

I should never wait on stuff like that.  Its a bad habit I have.  Like I cant do art until everyone else is settled.  I should do my own thing THEN they can catch up with me.

Art of the day.   I used modeling paste for this.  It was a lot of fun and was my only attempt at it.   I had modeling paste from from one end of my table to the other!  🙂



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  1. Thanks, for this! I didn’t go either and opted to sleep in. The night before, I was awake all night. Not sure why, but my daughter’s dog pacing on the hardwoods didn’t help matters. I think our churches will forgive us. 🙂 Take care!

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