Its A Wonderful Life!!

This is my ‘old lady angel’.   That’s what I call her.   She’s been around for some time now and I never knew what to do with her until this holiday season.  So I glued her to a piece of watercolor paper and added the lettering.   I was going to put her on my refrigerator in the ‘hall of fame of random stuff.’   But she was too heavy for the magnets, so now shes back on my art table to make me smile when I sit down to work.

I took a class a couple of summers ago called ‘pulled art’.   Where you wet  a paper bag or paper that is similar to a paper bag,  scrunch it up,  flatten it out,  wet it some more,  then scrunch it up some more,  then add layers of paint, colored pencil, crayon, markers and whatever else you can think of to ‘pull’ out an image.   It’s like looking at clouds and trying to see and image or shape, then building on that image.   I remember being frustrated during the class but not knowing why.   It was like I just didn’t get it.   I think that it was a challenge to my imagination and creativity and my ability to let go.   Totally different from what I was expecting but in a good way.

I’ll post more once I get batteries for my camera!  🙂


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