The ‘Evolution’ of a Pet Portrait

I had no idea how to title this post.  I thought about “The Process of A Doggie Portrait” or  “The Progress of a Doggie Portrait”.  I finally settled on “The ‘Evolution’ Of A Pet Portrait”.   No matter which way I worded it,  it sounded all overblown and like I was trying to make it a big deal.  

But recently,  I was asked to do a portrait of a dog for someone for Christmas.  And I thought I would take pictures along the way.  I forgot to take a snapshot the last time I did a dog picture.  

This portrait was created using chalk pastels and was done on brown paper even though some of these pictures don’t reflect that.  

His name is “Patches”.

And this is the complete version.   I tried to get a picture each time I worked on it. 


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