Uh Oh…. My husband was right!

Last night,   as I was getting ready for bed,   my husband pointed out that my last post was depressing.   I didn’t think so when I wrote it but when re-read it this morning…. I think he was right!

I had listed 7 things to look forward to during the season.   Out of those seven,   four of those things had a negative statement attached.  Wow.  I think I was trying to have some sort of funny attitude.

Sometimes I will be negative here,   hopefully not all the time.

Sometimes I get caught up in all the stuff that needs to be done during Christmas.   Walking and fatigue are issues,  so sometimes I’m tired and don’t get things done like I used to.    While this is frustrating, I’m trying to rethink my approach to the tasks of Christmas.

Watching Christmas movies.

Sausage biscuits on Christmas morning.

Christmas ornaments on the tree.

Those are few more things about Christmas that I like.   No negative comments attached!


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