I can’t believe it’s December already…


I suspect that everyone knows that Christmas comes at the same time every year.   I know this.   And every year the Christmas season never fails to surprise me.   I look up and BOOM!  its the HOLIDAY SEASON!  AGAIN!

And it also never fails that December barely begins and I’m already behind with my shopping.  My mom and sister are among those that get out there and get it done.  I’m the one that can’t seem to get it together and then slips into panic shopping.   Then I wind up spending too much.

But this year is going to be different!!  Oh yes indeed, its gonna be different!

Stuff to look forward to during this most joyous of seasons.

The movie:  “ELF”   …. this is my all time favorite holiday movie.   Because smiling is my favorite.

Getting the tree up.    I WILL NEED HELP THIS YEAR!   If no help, then no tree.   I’m not making that up.

Looking at lights on other peoples houses.    I love looking riding around looking at houses all lit up for the holidays.


Christmas parties/ get togethers.    I’m not much of a get-together kind of person but hey, I’ll give it a try.

I like Christmas music in small doses.  Not a fan of the 24/7 Christmas music format that some radio stations adopt.

Christmas tree lots.   At night,  with the lights hanging above the trees and the families picking out the trees.

There’s more…  I’m sure of that and when I think of them I’ll share…  I’ll also try to post some artwork.


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