It’s Still The Holiday Season….

My mom and I went shopping this past Saturday.   We only went to one store and the crowd wasn’t too bad.  I managed to get a few gifts,  so I’m thrilled.   Anything I can get done for Christmas is an accomplishment of which I can be proud.     The trouble with shopping is that I get so tired.  I got tired after about an hour and half on Saturday and thought I wasn’t going to make it to the cashier.  Its a strange feeling to realize that you are in trouble and there is nothing you can do but keep trying to move forward and get done.   It always happens in front of a bunch of people and you feel like “Well,  here I am!!   Yep,  here I am with a wonky leg that won’t move worth 2 cents.!!”   Its funny that people will look away when they notice how you are walking.

All that is ok though.   I’d do the same thing.    What am I saying?  I really do the same thing.    Its like kids in strollers.  When one 18-month-old sees another 18- month- old in a stroller,  they really check each other out.   When I see someone on a cane or in a wheelchair ,   I always wonder what the problem is. (My family gets mad sometimes because I ask!!)   I guess they do the same with me.   I just wish someone would ask.

Next time,  I’m going to take it much easier on myself.   I’m going to try to do my shopping in short spurts.   And tell my mom that when its time to go ,  its time to go.



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