AEDM – Day # 17 …. Its the Holiday season!

Oh yes,  its that time of year again.   Its the holiday season!  Whoo Hoo!   Every year,  my sister, mom, daughter and I get together for our annual “ornament exchange”.     We will pick a night and a restaurant and go have dinner and exchange ‘ornaments’.  I keep putting the word ‘ornaments’  in quotes because its turned into a regular gift exchange.    And its turned into an expensive experience.

So in an effort to keep costs down,  I decided to get creative and make something I can give instead of spending a whole lot of dough.  But it did cost me in time,  more than I expected.    But that’s ok.  I’m really pleased on how they turned out.

I guess following directions really does work!  🙂

A Chorus Line

Snow Man Up Close




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2 responses to “AEDM – Day # 17 …. Its the Holiday season!

  1. That is the cutest Chorus line ever… you are so clever and they are going to be a huge hit I am sure… so much better than something bought… these will be treasured I am sure xx

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