AEDM Day #6

This is for day #6 !  Hurray!

Happy Sunday Evening!   Here’s to not getting “Sunday Night Insomnia”!

We visited a few artist studios today,  which was awesome.    I came away with a lot of inspiration.  I mentioned to one lady that I would like to sit and watch her paint one day.   Ahhhh….   her response was not as enthusiastic as my request.  Oh well.    I would have loved to learn her technique.

I would love to learn more.  I’ll just keep watching YouTube videos and reading magazines.    The picture above says “MORE” and then in tiny print there is the definition of the word “Time”.   I guess we all could use more time to learn more about the things that are important to us….  One day at a time.

Tomorrow is Monday… one of my favorite days of the week.


One Comment

  1. Funny… sometimes artists are so welcoming and forthcoming, and sometimes – well, not so much. There is one particular artist at a art fair I go to annually who is always so warm and loves to share her art and techniques and is just so great — it only makes me want to buy her work even more! When I exhibit I always want to be like her. 🙂 I love your work… I’m so glad I found you! xo!

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