AEDM – Day #5

Well,  it looks like I’m going to have to start scanning all colored pencil work in on the computer in our office.   Its just easier to take a picture of it since I use a laptop that is not hooked up to the scanner/printer.  Oh well, 🙂

I managed not to get creative yesterday but I really,  really wanted to make sure I did some art every day.   I’m glad ‘Art Every Day Month’ is not supposed to be a stressful endeavor.

One quote has been coming to my mind the last couple of days.   Since I collect quotes,  I thought I would share this one.   Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.   When I first read that I thought “What??”  Then I read it again.   Thought the same thing.  Finally,  after thinking about it for a while,  I finally understood its meaning (to me, anyway).     Sometimes good is good enough.    For example, when trying to do the art challenge for 31 straight days or  trying to keep a perfect house when all you can manage is to vacuum two rooms, or  whatever,  you can miss out on what is good trying to be perfect.   Sometimes, its easy to give up on some artwork, some challenge, or some day  just because you feel that nothing is coming out perfectly.

I love this challenge so far (provided my imagination holds out – haha).   If I miss a day, its ok,  but I’m enjoying sharing my art and I’m loving seeing what others are doing.









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