Since this is the first day of a new month and I’ve been trying to decide what to blog about for a while,  I’ve decided that it would be a good time to start something new.  When I was on Facebook this morning,  someone shared a link to this website:  Creative Every Day

November is traditionally ‘Art Every Day Month’.   Its a creative challenge for those who wish to participate.  The goal is to create something,  even it is just a little something,  every day for the month of November.   One thing it stresses is that it should be a ‘no stress’ challenge.  Since I’m not really into stress,  this appeals to me.    And this website provides a way to share your artwork with others.   I could share the photos of my work on Flickr or get them to link to my blog.   Hmmm,  I’m thinking about that.

So hopefully,  I’ll be able to start a few things this month and even finish a few things.

I’m not finished with this painting yet.    But this would be my first ‘post’ for the month of November.


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