It’s Still The Holiday Season….

My mom and I went shopping this past Saturday.   We only went to one store and the crowd wasn’t too bad.  I managed to get a few gifts,  so I’m thrilled.   Anything I can get done for Christmas is an accomplishment of which I can be proud.     The trouble with shopping is that I get so tired.  I got tired after about an hour and half on Saturday and thought I wasn’t going to make it to the cashier.  Its a strange feeling to realize that you are in trouble and there is nothing you can do but keep trying to move forward and get done.   It always happens in front of a bunch of people and you feel like “Well,  here I am!!   Yep,  here I am with a wonky leg that won’t move worth 2 cents.!!”   Its funny that people will look away when they notice how you are walking.

All that is ok though.   I’d do the same thing.    What am I saying?  I really do the same thing.    Its like kids in strollers.  When one 18-month-old sees another 18- month- old in a stroller,  they really check each other out.   When I see someone on a cane or in a wheelchair ,   I always wonder what the problem is. (My family gets mad sometimes because I ask!!)   I guess they do the same with me.   I just wish someone would ask.

Next time,  I’m going to take it much easier on myself.   I’m going to try to do my shopping in short spurts.   And tell my mom that when its time to go ,  its time to go.



AEDM – Day # 17 …. Its the Holiday season!

Oh yes,  its that time of year again.   Its the holiday season!  Whoo Hoo!   Every year,  my sister, mom, daughter and I get together for our annual “ornament exchange”.     We will pick a night and a restaurant and go have dinner and exchange ‘ornaments’.  I keep putting the word ‘ornaments’  in quotes because its turned into a regular gift exchange.    And its turned into an expensive experience.

So in an effort to keep costs down,  I decided to get creative and make something I can give instead of spending a whole lot of dough.  But it did cost me in time,  more than I expected.    But that’s ok.  I’m really pleased on how they turned out.

I guess following directions really does work!  🙂

A Chorus Line
Snow Man Up Close


AEDM day #9

Its been a busy couple of days.   The following is what I’ve been working on.

An attempt at collage.   I had fun with this one.   But I never know if I’m really done or not.   I decided to quit while I was ahead.

Now the next one is certainly different for me.  I know for sure that its not finished.  I had put about five or six layers of paint on it.  I might  just paint over it yet again.



AEDM Day #6

This is for day #6 !  Hurray!

Happy Sunday Evening!   Here’s to not getting “Sunday Night Insomnia”!

We visited a few artist studios today,  which was awesome.    I came away with a lot of inspiration.  I mentioned to one lady that I would like to sit and watch her paint one day.   Ahhhh….   her response was not as enthusiastic as my request.  Oh well.    I would have loved to learn her technique.

I would love to learn more.  I’ll just keep watching YouTube videos and reading magazines.    The picture above says “MORE” and then in tiny print there is the definition of the word “Time”.   I guess we all could use more time to learn more about the things that are important to us….  One day at a time.

Tomorrow is Monday… one of my favorite days of the week.

AEDM – Day #5

Well,  it looks like I’m going to have to start scanning all colored pencil work in on the computer in our office.   Its just easier to take a picture of it since I use a laptop that is not hooked up to the scanner/printer.  Oh well, 🙂

I managed not to get creative yesterday but I really,  really wanted to make sure I did some art every day.   I’m glad ‘Art Every Day Month’ is not supposed to be a stressful endeavor.

One quote has been coming to my mind the last couple of days.   Since I collect quotes,  I thought I would share this one.   Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.   When I first read that I thought “What??”  Then I read it again.   Thought the same thing.  Finally,  after thinking about it for a while,  I finally understood its meaning (to me, anyway).     Sometimes good is good enough.    For example, when trying to do the art challenge for 31 straight days or  trying to keep a perfect house when all you can manage is to vacuum two rooms, or  whatever,  you can miss out on what is good trying to be perfect.   Sometimes, its easy to give up on some artwork, some challenge, or some day  just because you feel that nothing is coming out perfectly.

I love this challenge so far (provided my imagination holds out – haha).   If I miss a day, its ok,  but I’m enjoying sharing my art and I’m loving seeing what others are doing.







AEDM – Day 3

I was able to work on this painting for a little while this afternoon.   (Should I name her?)  I am unsure of whether I’m finished.  I think I might need to work on her dress.

So far this “Art Every Day” challenge  has been fun!   But one thing I’ve noticed is that I have to deliberately find time to work.  And that’s a good thing!

Here is what the ‘green haired lady’ looked like yesterday.  I’m proud of the progress I’ve made!