I haven’t had time (or I haven’t made the time) to work on any art lately.   I’ve been busy trotting back and forth to the doctor and to physical therapy.   I think the physical therapy is starting to help.   The therapist really gives me a workout.  I feel ‘spaghetti legged’ when I leave.  I had to miss the appointment with the orthotic man the other day.   (I still think he’s a salesman, no matter what the therapist says.)   I was sick and didn’t want to ‘spread the love’ or the germs,  so I didn’t go.

Actually, I did complete a pet portrait for a lady the other day.  It was all done in pastel from a picture she gave me.   And me being me, I forgot to take a picture to post.   And I have ‘misplaced’ the photo.  Oh boy, I hope I can find it.   I would hate to lose that picture.

So I’ve decided to bring out a few oldies:   (Why are the crummiest ones the most fun to work on?)

Forgive me if I’ve used these before.

Happy Saturday!


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