The Waiting Is The Hardest Part


I had been having a problem with my right leg being colder than my left.  Last week, I went to have an ultrasound on the arteries in both my legs and my abdomen.  The ultrasound technician said that while there were differences in the ‘numbers’ in both my legs,    they didn’t get all excited about such small differences.    We left disappointed because we didn’t get the answers we wanted right that very minute.    He also told us it would be a week before we got results….

So late the next day,  I get a phone call from urgent care.  They said they had made another appointment with the vascular surgeon for this Monday.  This automatically gave me the ‘willies’,  the ‘creeps’ . whatever you want to call it,  I got it.   I knew something was up and the receptionist that called me couldn’t tell me any more than I have an appointment.

The next morning (Friday) the doctor from urgent care called me on my cell phone.  I had just dropped my son off at school.  I noticed that the phone said ‘restricted’  when I picked it up.    I answered the phone like “HELLO?!” and I’m sure he wondered what the heck.   He said he wanted to discuss the results of the test.   It seems that there is a significant decrease in blood flow in my right leg as compared to my left.

He said I needed to keep my foot elevated as much as possible this weekend and don’t plan on doing any extended walking or standing.

So I’m spending the weekend on the couch.   Its about to drive me crazy.    I’m definitely getting my rest!





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