The Big Question

When I’m asked this question:

“What do YOU want?”

it usually has more to do with where we are going to eat than what I’m getting for Christmas.

But there have been times where it has been a serious question.   Once, when I was working,  I was whining to my boss about some issue and about how that issue made my life miserable.  I don’t remember exactly what the issue was and I suppose it doesn’t matter.  I had been sitting in a chair beside her office area and we had been talking for a while.  (I was probably keeping her from her work.)  But I can remember her looking into my eyes and asking me “What is it that YOU want?”  Clearly, I wasn’t satisfied in my current situation and I had been obsessing about stuff and circumstances that were beyond my control.   I didn’t have an answer.   It had never occurred to me to answer that question for myself.

I had been just going through the motions of doing whatever I thought was expected of me without really putting the effort of thinking about what is was that I wanted.    Whether it was Chinese for dinner or what to do for a career.   I guess it’s just easier to let other people or circumstances decide for you rather than actually choose a direction.

“What do YOU want?”

I’ve been asked that question at least twice recently.    And  I’ve honestly been thinking about it.   This time.  And I’ve come up with a few things to get started.

  • To improve my relationship with God.   If I seek Him,  I know I will find Him.
  • To improve my health as much as I can.  This is gonna take some work here.   I need a plan.   A real plan.
  • To get rid of some seriously bad habits and replace them with good ones.  I don’t drink or smoke so I’m off to a good start there.
  • To express my love and gratitude to my family more.
  • To pick a direction for my art and actually go there.

Do those sound like resolutions?   I guess they do and thats ok.

This picture has a quote that I had in my head for a while.   It seems very simple,  doesn’t it?

She thought she could so she did.


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