A Little Of What I’ve Been Working On…..

Happy Saturday!

I still don’t have too much to say.   Yesterday was NOT a good day health-wise but today has been better.  Thank goodness I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday.

Art-wise:  I have been trying a technique I found on one of Pam Carriker’s videos on YouTube.   The video is about creating an art journal page.  Here’s a link:  Pam Carriker video     I am pretty squeamish about adding actual wording to my art journal, even though I’ve left plenty of room in the examples,  but I guess I’ll get around to it one day.    But I’ve really enjoyed learning this technique.

Here are a few examples:

First are two images of my favorite one so far… “Queen of the Blues”

Queen Of The Blues - Up Close
The Queen Of The Blues....

Next is ‘pink lady with no hair’….   This was the first one that I tried.

Pink Lady With No Hair

Next…. Definitely not my favorite… but my son named her….. He was first in noticing where the clock was on her chest!

Lady With Clock On Her Boob


Lady With No Direction

I don’t know how this one wound up with one eye bigger than the other!!!!!

Lady Green with Envy

But there they are… I have more faces in my art journal that are just my own ‘creations’… I will post those later…


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