What A Pain

I’ve been troubled over the last couple of weeks with a kind of painful stiffness.   It is in my arms and my legs and I’m getting super sick of it.   I’m gonna assume it’s MS related and probably due to the awful heat we have experienced this summer.   When I feel this way,  I’m lucky to get the laundry done.  I know there is probably a boat load of meds out there that I can take to relieve these symptoms but I don’t want to take any.  more.  meds.  Especially ones that make me sleepy.

When I was working,  I was always dozing off at my desk.  It was rare to have a day when I didn’t experience some fatigue and major sleepiness.   Meetings were absolute torture.   Once,  when I was working from home, I was chatting online with co-worker and dozed off with my finger on the ‘w’ button!   So what she was seeing was a big LONG line of ‘w’s!    This kind of thing happened all the time…. before and after my diagnosis.   After I was diagnosed,   it didn’t help to know why it was happening.   All I wanted was to go back to the way I was 10 years ago.

Instead of giving myself a break and exercising some understanding,  I would get frustrated and mad because to my way of thinking,  I could not keep up.  It was true.  I couldn’t.  But I should have taken it easier on myself, for the obvious (and not so obvious) reasons.   I guess that’ll have to be the subject of another post.

In other news… my son is a photographer and I found this picture on my computer.    I think its beautiful.   These flowers (in our backyard)  bloom once a year in the spring.  You can see our cat, Tiger, in the picture as well.



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