1998 – A really long time ago – Part 1

My MS was diagnosed in January 2005.   Seven years before that, in January 1998 (why does everything happen in January?),  I started to notice that my right eye hurt.  It hurt when I looked up, down, left or right.   I thought I had something in it, would rub it and it would hurt.  I can remember being in Wal-Mart and it hurting.   I could tell a difference in eyesight between my left and my right eye.  It felt like there was a film over my right eye… like someone had dropped a net over the lens.

This went on for a few days.   Maybe for a week?   When I finally got aggravated enough at work,  I called the ophthalmologist and described the symptoms and they agreed to see me right away.   I still can remember the drive there.   It was a long way away from my job because I practically worked in Egypt and my kids, my house, my husband and my doctors were all at least 45 minutes away.

When I finally got there, they took me right away and as is typical,  the doctor’s assistant examined me first.  I should have known something was up when she kept shining the light in each of my eyes over and over and over.   She asked me if someone had hit me.   Now,  that as a different question,  one I don’t get asked everyday.   I didn’t like the implication.  But me being me, I still didn’t think there was anything to get too excited about.   I swear I thought I had something like pink eye.  I can remember thinking “Would they just give me the drops already?  I need to get out of here and get the kids.”

The assistant left the room and spoke to the doctor outside the door.  I heard some major whispering going on.  When the doctor came in the room,  he explained that when they shine the light in a patient’s eyes usually the pupils will contract.  The pupil in my left eye would contract but the pupil in my right eye would expand.

Uh oh.

He completed the exam and told me that the optic nerve was inflamed and that’s where the pain was coming from.  He also said that I had ‘optic neuritis’.   Then he asked if I was incontinent.  (Hmmmm)  And of course, he asked if I had an injury to that eye, if anyone had hit me.   (There’s that question again.)

Then that’s when he told me that this could be the beginning of MS.   By this time  I was pretty upset and called my husband, who came and the doctor explained everything he had already explained to me.    Of course,  my husband knew about my problem but all this stuff was news to him.

~ End of Part I ~

******  ******  ****** ******

I know that this was a long post, but even if it is not important to anyone else,  it is important to me to get my story out there.  To put it in one place – in black and white.


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  1. Hi. I also am making a series of posts about my medical past. I really helping me to giving it all a place in my head. Keep up the good work.


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