My Right Leg

How’s that for a title???

My right leg is a pain in the you-know-what.    It causes me no pain,  but it IS an aggravation.    Due to my MS,  my right leg drags when I walk.   My brain tells it to move like my left one does.   It ignores my brain and does its own thing.

This leg problem started a few years before my diagnosis in 2005.   I would stumble on uneven walking surfaces.   I didn’t understand why it behaved like that and attributed it to clumsiness.   Since then the problem has steadily gotten worse.  Now,  when I walk,  I have to sling it to move forward.

The difficulty moving my leg contributes to my fatigue.  (More on fatigue in another post someday.)   So when I go to the grocery store, it takes what feels like to be FOREVER.   I’ll push the cart,  which gets heavier by the aisle, around the store and by the time I  finally get done,  I don’t care what I have in it.

The people that work at the store are very sweet and always offer to help me to my car.    But I usually decline,  I shouldn’t decline, but I do.

ANYWAY,  one day,  after I unloaded the groceries into the back of my car,  I was so tired.  I turned and noticed an older man walking into the store.   I didn’t notice the major chip on his shoulder.   I asked him to take my cart back into the store and he looks at me and says “What?!  You can’t walk that far  and put it up yourself??”

He jerks the cart away from me and marches into the store,  while I stand there slack-jawed with my eyes bugged out.    I almost yelled out “Hey A**hole!  What goes around,  comes around!”.   I watched him.  He marched in.   Parked the cart that I had used and got himself a different cart.   I wasn’t aware I had germs.    It wasn’t funny then, but I can laugh about it now.   What a joy that man must be to live with.   I pity his wife.  Maybe he wasn’t married.  Who knows.

That just an example of how people can behave.   Most people are so sweet and helpful,  its just those like that, that make me mad and make me think.   Even though I’m the one dragging my leg around,  still there are other people that have it tougher than I do.





  1. Don’t ever give in to the MS, fight it tooth and nail. The it pushes at you the harder you need to push back against it. And as for rude dude, feel sorry for him because he is probably far worse off then you are. Be an Angel! Everybody that I have met who has MS is. 🙂

  2. Hi, Since this post my husband and daughter pointed out to me that this man must have thought I was one of those people that park in handicap parking just for the heck of it without a permit because when I’m standing perfectly still, you can’t hardly tell anything is wrong. So I guess I need to give that guy a break… just like that one I expect for myself! P.S. Yes, I’m gonna fight. THanks!

  3. Hi there!

    Glad I found your blog! I was taking a break from my own blog and decided to see how others deal with life and MS at the same time. (Who wants to read, edit or move widgets around on their own blog all the time?) MS and I have been well aquainted for 10 years now. (I need to update my info.) Funny thing, my right leg doesn’t cooperate with me, either, most days. I like your honesty. 🙂

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