New Day

I love quotes.  I actually have a collection of them.

I saw one the other day that has been rolling around in my head:  “She believed she could,  so she did.”  I just loved that.  Like everybody,  there are things in my life that are not likely to change.  The fact that I have MS.  Not likely to change.   I have diabetes.  Again,  not likely to change.   Sour attitude, poor eating habits, acceptance of what-is – – now, those things could definitely use a boost. Would they go away completely?   That would be wonderful.  But not likely.

What I can do is improve today.  I don’t have to be stuck in habits and attitudes that I have the power to change.    I don’t have to keep repeating the same old actions over and over.  They say that’s the definition of insanity anyway.

I thank God for a new day today.


A small painting from about 2 years ago.

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