Oh Well

They say to write what you know.   Well,  I never did get back around to writing anything about the books I’m reading.  I know what I read,  but could not, for the life of me,  write anything about it.   That and I didn’t have time to think about writing.   Those are a few reasons.   Another one was that I’m nervous about writing anything.   Actually afraid someone would read it!!

One of the books I’ve read so far this summer is ‘The Happiness Project’ by  Gretchen Rubin.  Its about a woman who takes a year and makes changes in her life, one change or category per month, to improve her level of happiness.   Excellent book.  I want to re-read it because there were a lot of points that applied to me and that I could use to improve my happiness level.    She works on improving her eating habits,  her fitness and relationships.    She reminds herself to be herself and do things for others out of a place of love.   She takes time to ‘smell the roses’ with her children because she recognizes that the ‘days are long but the years are short’.   Oh, she is so right about that!!

More on that book later.

Currently reading:  ‘Summer Rental’ by Mary Kay Andrews.

I would like to post some of my art here as well.  Need to learn how to post pictures.  So much to learn.  Thank goodness.



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  1. “The days are long, but the years are short.” Wow. I REALLY needed to hear that right now. Thank you so much for sharing it, I am going to write that down and put it over every single doorway and window in my house. OK, maybe not really, but somewhere in my house. I just read all your posts and I am once again grateful for the problems I have. I think whenever we get a glimpse of the things others are struggling with it reminds us that there are so many blessings we have that we don’t even realize. I needed that today too. Thank you.

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