Hello world!


I’ve never ‘blogged’ before.   I’ve been reading about blogging on and off for a few weeks and I’ve been thinking about it longer than that.

My big dilemma has been deciding on what to blog about.   Apparently,  I’m supposed to choose a topic rather than willy-nilly blog about anything that comes to my mind.   I’ve had a friend suggest that I blog about my family and all the stuff its going through right now.  I don’t know because I don’t want to blog about negative things.   I’ve also thought about blogging about my artwork.  I might do that but I’m not sure I’m ready.   I’m interested in far too many things to only choose one thing to blog about.

Today,  I’ve been thinking about all the unread books around my house.  I love to buy books.  One of my favorite things is going to the bookstores and I can’t resist using a Barnes and Noble coupon.   Sometimes, though,  I won’t buy anything because  I’ve got so many books to read at home.

So what I’d like to do this summer is read what I have on hand.  And blog about it.  Oh geez,  I hope this won’t be my only post!

If I don’t forget,  I’ll write about what I’m currently reading tomorrow.


One Comment

  1. Good start, if you ask me. I am sure that you have plenty of positive things to put down as you get the hang of it.

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